40 Days to Effortless Weight Loss

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When you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING else, and you just haven't seen the weight loss you worked so hard for!

When you are tired of depriving yourself of the joy around food.

When you are ready to be fully present in your life, and live to your potential.

Then you are ready for this book!

Get all the support you need to make your goals a reality and finally lose weight.

You can lose weight, even with a busy life! The steps in this book make it possible for you, no matter where you are starting from.

What you get from this book:

*The science and advice about Mindful eating that will change your mindset forever!

*The daily habits that have the power to make permanent behavior change.

*40 days of journal prompts and pages for you to print and write on. This is essential to learn why you are eating, and why you can’t stop!

*My 40 day journey! This inside look into how I felt over the first 40 days will motivate you to keep going!

*40 days of weight loss affirmations. Choose 1 for the full 40 days, or a new affirmation every day!

*40 Day chart for tracking. Print, laminate, and post on your fridge. 40 Days is enough time to see results, yet a short enough time to stick to it!

Finally seeing weight loss results after years of dieting!

As I began to pay attention, an interesting thing changed. I started realizing I didn’t like some foods I thought I did. I started noticing that I wasn’t paying attention to how much I ate. The more distracted I was while I ate, the MORE I ate! This book changed EVERYTHING for me and allowed me to reconnect in a way I didn’t think was possible!


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40 Days to Effortless Weight Loss

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